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The Engauge Academy

A Professional educational approach with decades of experience supported by knowledge, is a guarantee of success in teaching. Participants gain appropriate certifications allowing them to take up work as personal trainers, fitness instructors or gym instructors. We provide the necessary theoretical knowledge and train practical skills. We offer all participants essential support in the field of teaching methodology, while at the same time providing new inspirations.

Engauge Fitness

The Engauge Fitness Academy will give you the best possible start and the fastest route to employment within the fitness industry. Gym's & fitness studio's are always looking for experienced and qualified staff, which often means new students are overlooked due to a lack of experience. Gaining that first job can be difficult, especially in such a crowded marketplace, and that is why the Engauge Fitness Academy has been created. You will leave the academy with not only a qualification but actual work experience, giving you a massive advantage over other newly qualified instructors and personal trainers.

Engauge Fitness