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Gait Assessment

Have you ever tried reaching your toes while standing on a bent-over position? If you happen to reach your toe with a slightly straight back, most likely you will be stress-free from any back issue such as lower back pain, heel tendinitis, plantar fasciitis (drop-foot syndrome). While reaching toes on hunch mid-back, instead of your back straight, it will create pressure on your neck and upper back. Causing shoulder impingement ( shoulder pain, frozen shoulder), protracted scapula that weakens an upright posture causing you to slouch or hunch the back and eventually will tilt your head forward causing an irritating neck pain.

These are all Chronic pain! It is supposed to be avoidable if you know which muscle needs to strengthen and tight muscle due to immobility that is supposed to be stretched. Exercise is for all but certain exercises are customized for each individual. Have your posture and movement assessed properly by us to recommend what should be done and what should be avoided.

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