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What is stubborn fat? Yes it is annoying!

Stubborn fat is a subcutaneous fat that is layered around under the skin that is visibly unpleasant to the eye. Running for an hour or swimming, or even cycling will not help you get rid of your stubborn fat, why?

It is because each bio-mechanic of a human individuals varies according to the structure (posture/spine alignment) of the body.

Like for example, if you want to lose flab on your love-handles (waistline fat) you may require to swing your arm to naturally rotate your trunk while you stride on leg, but if you have shoulder impingement (frozen shoulder) then how can you swing your arm if its hurting. Remember! Our nervous system will find ways to avoid pain, therefore you will avoid to swing your arm will not allow you to rotate the trunk naturally causing you to cease your waistline fat to be burn. There is no such thing as stubborn fat unless you are stubborn enough not to use your bio mechanism properly!

Allow me to check you out on how you walk, climb stairs and stand upright and I will give you what you have to do correctly! Send 'HELP ME' to



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