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Engauge Fitness stands as a leading entity within the High Value, Low Price (HVLP) sector, having revolutionized the fitness industry in Oman by introducing an affordable fitness paradigm. Since inception, our brand emerged as a formidable competitor to premium gym chains, rooted in the belief that gym access should be universally flexible, convenient, and economical.

Our dedication lies in making high-quality, cost-effective gym memberships accessible to all, with the aim of fostering healthier communities across the globe. This commitment is underpinned by our focus on continuous education, a core component of our operational model, which facilitates our ability to maintain low pricing.


Gym Equipment


We are equipped with a team of in-house real estate professionals dedicated to providing comprehensive guidance and support throughout the entire process, from site selection to the design and construction phases. Should you possess a vacant property, our experts are also on hand to assist in the planning and design stages, ensuring a seamless development experience.



The exceptional quality of Engauge Fitness is a direct reflection of our dedicated and professional team. Our specialists are committed to nurturing and training your gym staff, ensuring that you have access to the finest talent available. This commitment to excellence makes Engauge Fitness an outstanding environment for both our team and our members.


The distinctiveness of our brand is a cornerstone of our identity, and our branding agency team, TBC, plays a pivotal role in this. They provide comprehensive guidance and support throughout your journey, from devising pre-sales strategies to implementing global digital marketing practices. This ensures that you are well-equipped to navigate the market effectively, bolstered by expert advice and support at every step.



Our franchisees enjoy the advantage of a dynamic business model that not only incorporates signature training concepts but also embraces the development of a new, multi-channel fitness offering. This approach ensures that our business model is continually evolving, positioning us at the forefront of industry trends and providing our franchisees with a competitive edge.

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Our fitness centers are fundamentally centered around fostering a sense of community, and this ethos extends to our franchise network. Becoming an Engauge Fitness franchisee means you will be part of a collective of like-minded professionals dedicated to mutual support and celebrating each other's achievements. This community-centric approach is integral to the success and growth of our franchisees.


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